In house capacity

Our professional and dedicated staff are prepared to work with you to realize and put forward your best to make those creative eye popping and captivating productions – productions that leaves your proposed audiences yearning for more. We have a pool of experts on call including producers, directors, script writers, editors and support staff to handle any job big or small.

To meet the tight schedule and timely delivery of services, CineArts Afrika have invested in field and post-production equipment to make us a one stop shop. Our production house is based on the latest digital video and audio equipment. We also work closely with a number of partners both in Kenya , Africa and around the world.


Organizing all aspects of pre-production through post production. From conceptualization, thematic interpretation, script development, script formatting breakdown, budgeting, scheduling etc. We use industry standard software such asStoryview, Dramatica Pro, Movie Magic Screen Writer 2000, Movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling and Board Master Storyboard for Animation.


We understand the filming business and we have the kits you may need for your filming, be it for daily or longer periods, that is entirely upon you. If you don’t need the whole kit, we can assemble what you need.


  • Sony DVW-790WSP Digital Betacam Camcorder, batteries/charger, tripod, field monitor, sound kit and Mattebox
  • DVCAM camcorder, batteries/charger, tripod, sound kit and light


When you are editing with us, you get the ambience that is conducive to enhance productivity, you enjoy our hot complimentary beverages – the best Kenyan coffee and tea. Feeling hungry? Dial a delivery from the many fast food outfits. Take a three minutes walk to The Westlands centre where you can have meals at the various restaurants (Indian, continental etc) or a quick snack from the many fast food outlets – all within hailing distance
from the our spacious studios. We have professional Non-linear edit suites and sound studio facilities for all your requirements .


Non-linear – Suite A

Avid Film Composer 9000 and decks for BetacamSP, BetacamSX, Digital Betacam and Imix playback.

Edit Suite B- DVCAM/DVD/CD

DVCAM edit station

Video Services

We offer studio services at very competitive prices and do the following conversions:

  • Format conversion from DigiBeta to BetacamSP, DVCAM and VHS
  • VHS Duplication
  • DVD authoring, duplication and packaging
  • 2 and 3D Animations

Sound facilities

  • Composition of jingles and soundtracks
  • Music and voice recording for commercials, TV and radio programmes production


  • Multi-media documentation for seminars, workshops, conferences and special events such as product launches and includes film/video, still photography and audio recording.
  • Filming Agent for temporary importation and clearance of filming equipment, Filming licenses and temporary work permits for foreign crews
  • Location scouting (specialties all over Kenya ),
  • Casting for feature films and sitcoms
  • Training on basic video production techniques
  • Planning, formulating and preparation of publicity media campaigns through television and radio programmes, TV and radio commercials, posters, stickers, banners, brochures, calendars etc.
  • Sales and marketing of films, television and radio programmes.
  • Facilitation for Live OB coverage of events and transmission